"DOC NYC: 11 Top Must-See Documentaries"

"There’s an extraordinary amount of misinformation in the stories being discussed about the political situation in Venezuela. This film lays out the true facts." - Leonard Lopate

"Maduro's shady politics can't evade the sharp focus of a camera in the street." - Julia Vitale

It's Just


"A La Calle is the story of a brewing insurgency as a once-trusted leader transitions into a ruthless, totalitarian dictator. It is instructive and a forewarning as a resource-rich country needlessly becomes

a failed state. Watch and learn.” - Bev Questad


A La Calle is an amazing film that had a profound impact on me.  Navarrete and Caicedo have done what all great documentaries need to do; they take a situation that seems too big to even begin to think about and explain it in a way that not only makes sense, but makes each viewer see a little bit of themselves in it. The emotional connections they make to the leaders and on-the-street members of this movement make us not only empathize but also want and need to get involved." - Jeremy Goeckner, NPR Illinois, Front Row Network

I’m so moved. What a wonderful and brave job.  A La Calle is a strong documentary that people need to watch."

- Jorge Ramos, Al Punto - Univision

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"A La Calle is a Must-See. This is an outstanding documentary and I hope it gets seen by as many people as possible. I will keep spreading the word.” - Critic Ricardo Gallegos

"A La Calle is excellent and worth a look." - Stephen Kopian


A La Calle stands as both a testimony to the determination of many ordinary Venezuelans to change the tack of their country, while also attempting to spur the conscience of other nations to stand in solidarity with those who want change.” - Amber Wilkenson